About The Autograph Guys

Like everyone in this business, it started as just a hobby and got out of control fast.  We started out collecting just athletes but that quickly spread to music, movie, and television stars. As time progressed we realized it was more than just a hobby and that it has grown into a huge business.

Over time we have attended just about every major event in the country. We cover the Midwest all the way to California. Half the year we spend at home collecting and the other half we spend on the road attending UFC fights, golf tournaments, poker tournaments, The Kentucky Derby, The Golden Globes, The Oscars, The Indianapolis 500 and countless other events over the course of the year.

When buying from us, know you are buying from one of the best in the country, and know you are buying from collectors who actually obtain everything in-person (unlike many dealers who buy and resell questionably authentic items). In our autograph collecting career we have obtained tens of thousands of autographs and all of them were in-person. With every celebrity we encounter, we do our best to do try shoot the best proof photos  to actually show we are meeting the celebrities and getting the autographs we are selling. Many sellers of autographs out there do not provide this service to their customers.  We do everything we can for our customers to make them happy and make sure they are satisfied.

Many people ask us how we know where to be and how we find all these celebrities.  The answer is very complex; we spend hours upon hours waiting outside of hotels just hoping that we get the opportunity to approach the celebrity, other times we sit at the airport all day long just hoping that we see the person that we are waiting for. It is a very hit and miss business for the average person but we put in the time and do the research to increase our chances and we our successful around 90% of the time.  We share information and work with many other people throughout the country that are on the same level as us and get tons of work done that way as well.  We have many connections with paparazzi guys in NYC and LA and even work with people that are associated with TMZ.