All of the products that you see on our website come with a certificate of authenticity from The Autograph Guys, LLC.  All items that we sell are obtained by us, in-person.  We do not buy or pay third party sources to obtain any items that you will for sale on our website.

Our motto is simple: If we don't see it get signed ourselves, we will not sell it.

We have been doing this for over 15 years and have all the photos of celebrities signing for us to prove it.  Many other companies out there will buy off of ebay or have "runners" getting autographs for them.  The Autograph will never resort to this tactic.  By collecting every autograph in-person, we are able to personally guarantee every autograph we sell!

Third Party "Authentication"

The Autograph is in no way associated with, or stands behind, any third party authentication company or any of their opinions.  These so-called "expert" authenticating companies are not in the field of collecting autographs, so how are they experts on every single celebrity autograph?  All of the third party authenticators claim to hold the highest standard and are the "The Best", or "The #1 Leading Authenticator In The Business."  These claims could not be further from the truth!  Every single one of these companies has shown on many occasions where their opinion has been proven wrong.  Many of these companies have even had lawsuits filed against them because of their biased claims!

If you want to find out more about autograph authenticating companies before you pay for their opinion, go to the independently run website,  Remember to make sure you have done your research before you hand over your hard earned money for someone else's opinion!