There is no event to big or to small, we deal with small townhall fundraisers all the way up to major black tie fundraisers at 5-star hotels.

Autographed memorabilia at charity auctions and fundraisers have always been a significant part of the excitement. By adding authentic, in-person autographed memorabilia, you will generate great interest in your auction and create the excitement you want in the bidding process. The Autograph Guys LLC has created a very beneficial program with charity organizations to ensure their greatest profits with no risk to the charity in any shape or form.

What you will find with our charity program is that our main goal is your charities╩╝ satisfaction and success. We will work with you and ensure that we provide the rarest and most unique items to reach the highest earning potential. We have two different programs that you can choose from:

1. The 50/50 Split (better for smaller events with no risk at all)

The 50/50 split entails we loan you as many items as you want, we will help you set a price for the items and whatever the items go for the charity gets half and we get half. For example if we give you 7 guitars and the auctions get $10,000, we get $5,000, and your charity gets $5,000.

2. Loaning items (better with major events)

The loaning items form involves we tell you the price we want for each item that we give you, and then you take the items to your charity event, auction them off and then pay us the previously agreed amount. For example if we want $500.00 for a Police Band signed guitar, and it sells for $3,200.00 dollars, after you collect the money you pay us the $500.00 and you keep the $2,700.00.

With both of these programs (whichever one you choose) you put no money up front at all. you pay us after you get paid. We ask that all payments to us by made within a timely manner.  All items that we provide come with a certificate of authenticity from The Autograph Guys LLC and are backed for life.

Any and every item that we loan for your charity auction has been obtained by us, in-person.  We do not obtain any of these items from ebay or any other 3rd party source, ensuring you the most authentic and unique memorabilia possible. For instance check out our signing gallery containing over 4,000 of the rarest celebrities in the world signing for us. This will not be found on other website out there. Certified, authentic autographs including a full range of sports and entertainment memorabilia will be made available to you. Our inventory includes much much more than what you may see on just the website.

When dealing with us you are dealing with the best -- so deal with us and you know your event will be a success.